December First Friday


Ready for some cold weather comfort food? We got you covered! Mac and Cheese, Wings, Pizza, Tacos, Fish & Chips, and of course, Barbecue! (Peaches BBQ was featured in the LA Times recently!)

Whatever your favorite comfort food, you can indulge at one of the delicious food trucks on Abbot Kinney Blvd this First Friday. And don't forget to save room for dessert! 

Here's the full list of participants this month. See map below for locations. As always, seating and restrooms are available on Palms Blvd.

Enjoy! And be sure to come back for more fun on the Blvd. at Sunday's annual Holiday Stroll and Snow Day.

  • Batterfish
  • Boba Tea and Me
  • Chairman
  • Chancho Tacos
  • Crispy Cuban
  • Falasophy
  • Flaming Lava Grill
  • Frach's
  • Lobos
  • Los Tamaleros
  • Mad Pambazos
  • NoMad
  • Peaches BBQ
  • Pizza & Co.
  • Pudding Truck
  • Ridges Churro
  • Rollin Lobster
  • Roni Macaroni
  • Steamy Buns
  • Street Kitchen
  • Sweet E Cupcakes
  • Taco Chila
  • Tender Grill
  • The Cut
  • Tropic
  • Tumaca
  • Vchos
  • Wings & Waffles
  • Zema