Mystic Journey Bookstore

To spread light and love; to enlighten and enliven; to intrigue and inspire.

The founders and staff of Mystic Journey believe the time is ripe, even perfect, to manifest a vision which has been held for some time; a vision of a community center, a gathering spot, a way station where our neighbors, and our visitors, can find a place of wisdom, a place of expansion, a place of peace, to spend a few minutes, or a few hours, to rejuvenate, to contemplate, to grow and expand.

This is the wonderful location on Abbot Kinney to visit when you need a spiritual book, a spiritual product, or spiritual guidance. It's a one-stop shop for anything of a spiritual nature.

You'll find products like Tarot Cards, Crystals, Books, Incense, Buddhas, and so much more. You can schedule a reading of your palm or your cards or your numbers or other specialties and attend one of an ongoing selection of workshops, seminars and book signings. 

Visit the Mystic Journey website to stay updated on their many offerings.

Here's a sample of a few upcoming events:

Translating Your Pet's Behavior: Going from Ugh to Ohm

A Free Workshop on June 3rd at noon. Learn how your pet acts as a mirror to help you heal energetic patterns in your life, and the 3 questions that can help you create a more harmonious and balanced life for you and your pet.

Release and Transform Negativity and Imbalanced Emotions

This workshop on June 8th at 7pm ($20) is designed to equip you with the tools to learn how to release negativity and stress for good. Learn how to use visualizations, mudras, breath work, mantras, sacred plants and other tools to ground, clear and elevate your energy and enhance your emotional well being. 

“Accepting Your Greatness” Book Talk and Travel Writing Mini-Workshop

A free book talk and travel writing mini-workshop on June 18th at 3pm with renowned travel writer, Linda Ballou.

Mystic Journey Bookstore is a space where one can enter to experience peace and joy, moments of solitude, and leave with gifts that can help bring wisdom, expansion, and abundance.

Mystic Journey Bookstore
1624 Abbot Kinney Blvd