May First Friday

Cuatro de Mayo

May First Friday on Abbot Kinney celebrates Cinco de Mayo a day early — so you can fill up with food on Friday and tequila on Saturday. 

Prep for the big day with a sampling of global Los Angeles versions of Mexican food from some of our favorites this month and one newcomer: Taco Lindo, Thai Mex Cocina, Mexican Chuckwagon and Pinch of Flavor.

It's chicken satay in a taco shell...

Is it Mexican or Thai? For mash-ups like that and others like Spicy Basil Tacos and Spicy Garlic Shrimp Tacos as well as some straight out Pad Thai, check out Thai Mex Cocina.

If you're in the mood to wear your sombrero and cowboy boots, you might want to make a stop at the Mexican Chuckwagon, serving a southwest fusion of

Tex-Mex cuisine with cowboy chuckwagon influences.

Menu items include tacos of pulled pork, braised beef, and achote marinade chicken breast. Throw in a vegan quesadilla chock-full of veggies and a kale-apple salad and there's something for just about anyone. 

If you want your Mexican meal to come from the sea

— and homemade from a family business — check out the Pinch of Flavor truck. Their tacos are filled with the freshest lobster, fish, and shrimp; they make fresh ceviche and guacamole; and the menu also includes a big pile of fries covered with Asada sauce (we think we know what we're having...).

A big bienvenido to our new truck this month, Lindo Taco. They're serving an inventive mix of food and

traditional Mexican recipes made by real Mexican chefs. 

We're looking forward to investigating their menu a little closer.

As always, the assortment of cuisines is wide on First Friday. Along with the Mexican fare, you'll find handmade pastas, Philly cheesesteaks, lobster rolls, crêpes, dumplings, crabcakes, wings, mac n cheese, and lots more. And, of course, dessert! 

Buen Provecho!

We'll see on the Blvd.

Full list of food trucks on the Blvd tonight and a printable map of where to find them:

Picnic Tables on Palms and on Santa Clara. Restrooms on Palms.

  • Belly Bombz
  • Chunk n Chip
  • Cravin Crabcakes
  • Crêpes Bonaparte
  • Dreamy Creations
  • Epikurean
  • Food Travelers
  • Frach's
  • Goshen Cuisine
  • Love Bird
  • Mad Dumplings
  • Mess Hall Canteen
  • Mexi Chuckwagon
  • Okamoto
  • Panzerotti
  • Phillyfornia
  • Pickles & Peas
  • Pinch of Flavor
  • Prince of Venice
  • Pudding Truck
  • Ridges Churro
  • Rollin' Lobster
  • Roni Macaroni
  • Sanook Soi 38
  • Smhokin Pot
  • Steamy Buns
  • Taco Lindo
  • Thai Mex Cocina
  • Wings on Wheels
  • Word of Mouth