Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream



In 2008, pastry chef Jake Godby and Food and Beverage Manager Sean Vahey opened an ice cream shop called Humphry Slocombe in the Mission district of San Francisco.

Their goal was to make high quality, playful, yet adult oriented ice cream. Given their culinary backgrounds, they always worked with only the best local ingredients and never compromised on quality.  

Humphry Slocombe continues to use only the best quality ingredients like Straus Organic base, Guittard chocolate, and local seasonal fruit.

All the items added to their ice cream —cookies, fudge, cakes, cereals, etc. — are made in-house by their pastry staff.

Their executive chef, lovingly referred to as the Willie Wonka of ice cream, has come up with more than 150 unique flavors like Secret Breakfast (bourbon ice cream with housemade cornflake cookies) and Elvis the Fat Years (roasted banana ice cream with bacon peanut brittle).

As a result of their unusual take on ice cream and uncompromising quality, Humphry Slocombe has been listed as best ice cream in several culinary publications and was named Top 5 Ice Cream in America by Food Network.


The owners are often asked which is Humphry and which is Slocombe, but the story behind the name is their love of British comedy. Humphry Slocombe is named after the two lead characters, Mr. Humphries and Mrs. Slocombe, from the fabulous 1970’s sitcom “Are You Being Served?” 

Visit the Abbot Kinney store soon and be served some of the best, most flavorful ice cream in America!

Humphry Slocombe
1653b Abbot Kinney Blvd.