January First Friday

Happy New Food Year!

Welcome to 2019 and to a new year of fantastic food trucks at Abbot Kinney First Fridays.

We’re kicking off the year with a slate of menus we all love and look forward to along with three newcomers we think will soon be among your faves. This month we’re welcoming to the boulevard The Fat Queso, African Chop and Pizinni.

Pizinni, an Italian Fusion food truck, serves great global flavors in a triangular shaped bread similar to a pizza pocket. And word has it their Cannoli are “to die for!”

African Chop’s menu includes a variety of fresh and healthy vegetarian, vegan, fish, chicken and meat dishes with delicious sides like sweet plantains and jollof rice.

The Fat Queso chefs are cheese connoisseurs who have reinvented the quesadilla, stuffing them with shrimp, chicken, smoked pulled pork and beef brisket. Their signature item, The Big Southern, is made with baked mac & cheese with mozzarella, sharp cheddar and ricotta loaded up with smoked BBQ pork butt and topped with crispy onion straws and tangy house made BBQ sauce.

Happy noshing! We’ll see you on the Blvd.

Full list of food trucks on the Blvd tonight and a printable map of where to find them:

Picnic Tables on Palms. Restrooms on Palms and on Santa Clara

  • African Chop

  • Astro Donut & Fried Chicken

  • Belly Bombz

  • Black Flour

  • Canvas Truck

  • Cravin Crabcakes

  • Creole City

  • Fat Queso

  • Goshen Cuisine

  • Grilled Cheese

  • Kalamaki

  • Kream Kong

  • MaraVilla

  • Marcel Waffles

  • Occasion

  • Phillyfornia

  • Pink Taco

  • Pizinni

  • Prince of Venice

  • Rice Balls on Fire

  • Ridges Churro

  • Rollin' Lobster

  • Roni Macaroni

  • Smhokin Pot

  • Spitz Truck

  • Triple Threat

  • Vchos

  • Word of Mouth