June First Friday

Save Room for Dessert

June 7th is not only National Doughnut Day, it’s also National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! So let’s plot your celebration…

It’s tempting to fill up on sushi, tacos, grilled cheese, crepes, pad thai, pasta and other deliciousness, but this First Friday, you have permission to celebrate these important national days with dessert too. So pace yourself.

After you’ve had your “proper” meal, head over to these amazing choices for your doughnut (or cookie or funnel cake or churro) and chocolate (or mint or blue(?) or caramel) ice cream!

Our dessert trucks have exactly what you need to celebrate.

Or do we what we do: Go straight to dessert!

Enjoy! We’ll see you on the Blvd!

Full list of food trucks on the Blvd tonight and a printable map of where to find them:

Picnic Tables on Palms. Restrooms on Palms and on Santa Clara

  • 8e8 Thai Street Food

  • Astro Donut & Fried Chicken

  • Belly Bombz

  • Black Flour

  • Boba ni Taco

  • Canvas Truck

  • Creole City

  • Crepes Bonaparte

  • Dreamy Creations

  • Empire HotDog

  • Epic Tacos

  • Fat Queso

  • Goshen Cuisine

  • Grilled Cheese

  • Jivana

  • JR's Empenadas

  • Kalamaki

  • Kream Kong

  • Kuushi Sushi

  • Los Primos

  • MaraVilla

  • Occasion

  • Pickles & Peas

  • Pinch of Flavor

  • Prince of Venice

  • Rice Balls on Fire

  • Ridges Churro

  • Rollin' Lobster

  • Sanook Soi 38

  • Spitz Truck

  • Sweet Cravings

  • Word of Mouth