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Founded in 2012 as Matthew Kenney Culinary and rebranded in 2017, PLANTLAB was born from a desire to make conscious, sustainable living a reality for anyone with an open mind and love of food. Through top-tier culinary training and innovative wellness education, they share their passion for the incredible advantages of “Plant-Based."

The robust curriculum provides real-world benefits which allow alumni to pursue their aspirations of becoming a chef, wellness expert, or simply creating a healthy change in their personal life. 

Classes focus on the art of organic, unprocessed, vegan cooking while encouraging students to consider the broader benefits that stem from a "green" lifestyle.

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More than just salads and quinoa bowls

PLANTLAB is all about inclusivity and encouraging people to learn what works best for their mind and their body—whether this means going all in or just switching out cow dairy for cashew milk in their morning latte.

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How do they do it? Innovative curriculum, combined with state-of-the-art academies, a robust online platform, and some of the most passionate instructors on the planet.

Check out classes at the Abbot Kinney location including Fundamentals, Advanced and Pro level plant-based cooking along with courses about raw food and cheeses. And also Desserts, Pastries and Chocolate!

1009 Abbot Kinney Blvd